Customers Are Stupid

Hello! My name is Yi, smartass and founder of Z Innovations. We are really smart and we help stupid people like you make money, lots of it…

How are we going to do that, you ask?

We literally know everything there is to know about making money. Just pay us well and we will make you look like a genius for hiring us.

Sounds too good to be true, you say?

It’s only because you are not smart enough to understand. But don’t worry, if you were smart, you wouldn’t need to hire us.

We Are Smart

Did I mention we are like, really smart? We have more experience than anyone else when it comes to making you money. In fact, we can literally pull money out of thin air.

Own a small business? Well, I guess miracles do happen. Nevertheless, we can help you build a great website, create a trustworthy online presence, develop an effective email marketing campaign, manage all your customers, perform a competitor and customer analysis, and sell your products/services with no sweat. We will turn your mom-n-pop shop into a data backed powerhouse that all your competitors will fear. EVIL LAUGH!

Do something smart for a change and ask us for help. Just don’t bombard us with too many stupid questions.

Hire Us

Drop us a line and try not to sound too stupid…

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