What I Do

Hi there! My name is Yi and I work with local business owners to grow their businesses and put dollars into their pockets. My approach is unique and proven to work.

Think of me as your virtual strategy, marketing, and IT specialist. You get the benefit of having a variety of skill sets at your disposal without having to deal with the overhead.

I Can Help You

When it comes to building great online presence, there are no gimmicks. Success is achieved with a solid plan, proven experience, expertise with marketing tools, attention to detail, and most importantly, hard work.

Learn: We’ll start with a sit-down where I learn about your industry and the people around your business – your team, target customers, competitors, and you the business owner. Then, I’ll go back to the lab, research and strategize.

Website: Armed with data and knowledge, I will build you an awesome website that is designed to attract the ideal audience and convert them into paying customers.

Marketing: The next step is to create a kickass marketing strategy for your business that will start attracting customers to your already optimized website.

Sales: The leads are rollin’ in and it’s your job to close the deal and turn them into happy customers.

Analyze and Improve: Now your business is ready for the next level. I will implement software that allows me to have insight into your website traffic pattern and customer behavior data. I can then make informed suggestions to you on how to incrementally improve your business.

Here is Proof

I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with numerous local business owners to grow their businesses. BioTech Pest Management is a long time client of mine. Their story is a good example of why this approach works.

Introduction: Founded in early 2014, BioTech is the leading pest control boutique in Washington DC. Having been in the industry for over a decade, owner Cliff was aspired to build his own pest control business. Being a visionary, he knew that the way to build his business, and ultimately change the industry is through online.

Problem: Cliff began by trying out a few low cost web development and marketing solutions. While generating some traffic to the website, it failed to build trust with visitors. Cliff’s phone didn’t ring as anticipated. And the few customers that did call weren’t ideal for the business he was trying to build.

Solution: Finally, Cliff reached out to me. I warned him that building a great online presence is no different than building one in the real world. It would take dedication on both of our parts. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Cliff decided to give it a try.

I started by learning about the pest control industry, Cliff’s vision for the business, and BioTech’s ideal customers.

With the learned knowledge, I collaborated with trusted web designers and copyrighters to build a high conversion website. It was able to instantly gain trust with the customers that BioTech wanted to attract. Look at their website for yourself.

Then I created a great online presence for BioTech that funneled the right customers to its website. Since the website was already optimized for this kind of customers, Cliff started getting more calls than he could handle. Take a look at their Yelp profile for an example of great online presence.

Next, I designed them a comprehensive marketing strategy that included ways to rank high in Google and a plan for pumping out great content. Today, BioTech’s website ranks on the first page for competitive keywords like “pest control dc” and “bird mites dc” and Cliff has catapulted himself as an influencer in the pest control industry.

In just over two years, BioTech has sprawled into a 8-person business that generates low 7 figure revenue. They plan to double in size by the end of 2016.

Continued Collaboration: BioTech is still my customer to this day. One of our current projects is to track and analyze data from BioTech’s website traffic and customer history so that Cliff can make more informed decisions about the future of his business.

More About Me

I’m a self proclaimed geek with a passion for math, technology, and psychology. After graduating with a BS and MS in computer engineering from the University of Maryland, I decided to work in the software industry. It was a rewarding experience. However, after a decade in the field, I wanted a new challenge.

My desire to expand my horizons led me to discover marketing and sales. I instantly fell in love with it.

The perfect combination of technical experience, love for data, and interest in the human mind allowed me to develop a unique approach to marketing, which has successfully help the businesses I’ve worked with.

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